5 thoughts on “Metadata persistence when records are moved in SharePoint

  1. Is there a method of creating SharePoint Document Libraries in different (or the same) site based on a Document Library template in (modern) SharePoint online?

      1. Thanks for sharing that article, I’ll have a read. Regardless, I’ve since solved the complication we were facing, with the top down Global Term Store approach to metadata. Keep on blogging, it’s great!

      2. Thanks Karl. I’m not a huge fan of using the Global Term store approach for all metadata because most of the time the terms you want to use relate to a single site (or sometimes just a library) so can be created as site or library choice columns (including with default values). One example – ‘Document Type’. You may have up to 70 types, but on a specific site the user just wants to select from 3 – 5. Another example – Function/Activity names. These are often better as default options on libraries. All of that said, I’m sure there are use cases for term store metadata. I prefer to keep it simple as much as possible.

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