About Andrew Warland

I have spent the last 30+ years working in the information management field, starting with 19 years in the Federal Government (DFAT) and the next 10 years working as an advisor and consultant on information and records management issues for a wide range of Australian and New Zealand public and private sector organisations to improve the way they manage their information assets.

I am based in Sydney and now work for the Federal Government on a SharePoint 2010 implementation.  I worked for the City of Sydney on digital recordkeeping from mid 2009 to late 2011.

I am a regular speaker at conferences, industry meetings and related events, the author of a number of articles . I am a member of the International Standards Sub-committee – Integration of Digitisation (ISO 13028, now published).

I am a sessional lecturer and tutor for Curtin University and Open Universities Australia (OUA, via Curtin Uni)  in three subjects: Records Management, Enterprise Content Management, and Conservation and Preservation (with a strong focus on digital preservation).

My primary interest is in the management of digital information – either born digital or migrated to digital (eg scanned) – into the future, and the technologies that may be utilised to ensure long term accessibility of that information. This includes how information is described through metadata and how such metadata might bring together information in contexts that were hitherto considerable not possible or at least required human intervention.

I have four children.


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