One thought on “A Semantic Office

  1. From the article:
    Linked Data is, in short, the future of the web. (We’ve said this before when discussing the semantic web.) It’s perhaps most clearly articulated by Berners-Lee, the inventor of the “original” web, himself: up until now, the web has been a network of linked pages. But it is becoming a network of linked data.
    Linking data involves exposing data: publishing it and making it accessible. In Berners-Lee’s vision, publishing data online per evolving publishing standards permits formerly invisible (i.e. public, but virtually impossible to access) and propriety data to be linked with other data.

    It’s too bad government agencies and other organizations continue to “hug their data” in order to protect it from misinterpretation, and themselves from scrutiny, says Rosling. He suggests we get over it, practice non-attachment, and liberate data so that it could be used and interpreted in ways that lead to positive change.

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