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Praise for my blog

Really happy to have my blog recognised as one of the top 15 ‘Regional Records Management Blogs’ on the following US-based site, along with the NSW State Records and a few others from around the world:



I am an experienced information management professional based in Melbourne, Australia. I have had close to 40 years of practical working knowledge across the full spectrum of information, records and content management issues, and direct and practical experience with contemporary and emerging business and information and enterprise content management systems. My product knowledge includes SharePoint 2010/2013/Online and OneDrive (SharePoint Administrator), Office 365 (including as a Global Administrator), Yammer, Sway, TRIM Context (R6.2 & 7.1), ECM Documentum, Alfresco Share; and other online systems.

One thought on “Praise for my blog

  1. Glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve Andrew! I refer to your blog a lot and I recommend it to many people. Cheers, Janet

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